Double Glazed Windows Tips

1) Don't hurry.
There's no need to rush into making any decisions - don't feel pressured into choosing the wrong double glazing windows or taking out loans when you don’t need to.
In other words, don’t invest in anything unless you know what kind of company you are buying from – therein lies the beauty of Network VEKA!

2) Go outdoors.
Instead of sitting inside trying to visualise about how your new windows might look - step outside to better imagine how the installation will affect the overall style of your home.
Better yet, take a photo of your home to compare directly to brochure pictures and website images.

3) Think about colour.
PVC-U woodgrain effects are incredibly popular as they offer the classic look of timber frames with the many benefits of modern materials. Woodgrains can transform the character of your home, but they should be considered carefully as the effect can be dramatic. Many installers offer a bespoke colour bonding service - the aesthetic options really are limitless.

4) Consider your security options.
PVC-U installations are significantly more secure than traditional doors and double glazed windows, but there are a wealth of ways you could increase security even further - just ask your installer.

5) What kind of glass do you want to use?
It has been proven that double glazing can halve the heat loss of a home, but using things such as triple glazing or ‘low-emissivity’ glass can reduce it even further (up to 30% more). Toughened glass can enhance safety as well as security. Consider asking for a wider gap between panes to improve sound insulation.

6) Ask your installer about guarantees.
Often - if a company ceases to trade for whatever reason - the associated guarantee disappears with it. The best safety measure is an insurance-backed guarantee which will live on independently of the company issuing it.

Network VEKA members offer a cast iron Ten Year Insurance-Backed Guarantee, which means that homeowners can invest in home improvements with complete confidence.

7) Think carefully about style.
Don't feel constrained by the style of your existing windows, you could simply replicate them but the alternative options are endless. Sliding sash windows evoke the idea of classic townhouses, but what about Tilt and Turn windows or Fully Reversible openers? These are ideal for upper level windows as the outer side can be turned inwards for effortless cleaning.

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